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Reversable  Fringed Throw Blankets with Bamboo Viscose
Item# 002-LU0837
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Product Description

Reversable  Fringed Throw Blankets with Bamboo Viscose
Manufacturer: Luxeport

This exquisite Bamboo Viscose fiber Fringed Throw is reversible and incredibly soft to snuggle up with. Give yourself a treat and get this wonderfully soft reversible blanket.

The spun fibers of bamboo viscose fiberfeel like silk. This naturally porous fiber is more absorbent than other textiles. Like silk, bamboo viscose wicks moisture away from the body. The fiber dries quickly and stay fresh longer. Bamboo viscose fiber adjusts to your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and maintains warmth in the winter.

Bamboo viscose fiber contains natural bacterial properties, discouraging the formation of bacteria and fungus. These luxuriously soft and versatile throws are the perfect solution for allergy sufferers.

This luxurious throw blanket is the must have for allergy sufferers because it is hypoallergenic and free of chemical treatments.

Three Available colors to choose from.


Soft, Strong, & Durable

Adjusts to your body temperature

Wicks moisture away

Size: 127 X 183 cm / 50 X 72 inches

Care Instructions: Dry clean or hand/machine wash gentle cycle, hang to drip-dry, use dryer to finish for a great soft feeling. Do not use fabric softener.

This item takes 7-14 business days to arrive to destination from order date.