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Hemp Items

Why Hemp ?

Hemp has a long history, has been in use since 770AD. In addition to the versatility as a plant, it is known to have the longest and strongest fiber.

Hemp uses 1/20th the amount of water to grow and process compare to conventional cotton.

Hemp is more resistant to insects, and its growth usually suffocates the weed and consequently pesticides and fertilizers become obsolete.

Like organic cotton, hemp is harvested and processed by hand to keep people employed.

In Canada and England, hemp is used as a rotation crop to improve the soil condition and improve crop productivity.

  • Hemp drapes like linen.
  • hemp is more water-absorbent than cotton; it will retain dye better than any other fabric, keeping the colors from fading better than others.
  • Hemp also has a porous characteristic that allows it to breathe, keeping you cool in the summer.
  • And like bamboo and wool, hemp is warmer in cooler weather.
  • Hemp filters UV light, it resists bacterial growth.
  • Hemp is four times stronger than cotton. It is also more absorbent than cotton.