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Night Time Training Pants - by Potty Scotty™ & Potty Patty®
Item# 002-PC-00078901
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Product Description

Manufacturer: Potty Patty and Scotty

Only one per package.

These Potty Patty / Potty Scotty Night Time Potty Training Pants have waterproof fabric on the outside and extra absorbent padding on the inside. These pants are waterproof and extra absorbent and will contain the accidents better; however, they will still feel wet, so your child will know that he/she has wet underwear.

The outer shell is a very soft waterproof fabric; it is not vinyl or plastic – it is fabric, so it feels very nice to touch; The inside is lined with a layer of a very soft and absorbent terry fabric. The middle layer is padded with fiber sponge for super absorbency.

They have two sets of snaps, so they are adjustable to fit as needed.

These underwear pull-up and down without having to use the snaps, so they are great training pant, however, in the event of an accident (especially number 2), they can be snapped off for easy clean-up.

They are ideal for nap time and night time potty training. This design allows the child to learn from the accident due to the wet feel. Note that these training pants are not intended to function as a diaper or pull-up (absorbing multiple accidents while keeping the child dry) and hence, are not a replacement for them.

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