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Collapsible Market  And Shopping Basket in  Stylish Blue Hibiscus Print
Item# A017-NB016-L
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Product Description

This collapsible or foldable shopping or market basket has a very light aluminum frame. The basket carrier is made from durable but light in weight water proofed fabric and has nylon footings at the bottom. The basket carrier fabric is finished on both sides, inside and outside.

It is a versatile basket, great for shopping for the environmentally conscious! Here are some other possibilities how this basket may be put to use. It makes a great picnic or gardening basket. But then the basket has such an elegant and stylish look, you may want to leave it out for stowing your magazines, holding your laundries, knitting, or sewing projects or using it as organizers.

The baskets are very well constructed with a tailored look. It is a fun basket to tote around for your grocery shopping. Just drop your selected items in your basket, checkout and pay. Pick up your purchases and take it to your car and all the way to your home without having to unpack.

Is has Velcro matching fabric wrapped handle. It has a foldable frame. The basket may be flattened for space saver storage. The frame may be folded easily into halves enhancing the space saver feature. The zipper pocket is on the outside panel.

Dimensions 18" Wide x 10" Tall x 9.5" Deep.

Care Instructions: Spot clean and air dry