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Disposable Potty-5 Pack
Item# 002-Disposable-Potty-PS-PP
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Product Description

Disposable Potty-5 Pack
Manufacturer: Potty Scotty and Potty Patty

We have "The Disposable Potty - 5 Pack" providing parents the product to carry on a seamless toddlers' potty trainings schedule with no interruptions.

We have a perfect product that you can potty train your little ones without having to go anywhere at all! In fact, you will probably think this is next to impossible! Well we do have the perfect product for you in the Disposable Potty - 5 Pack!

The all new "The Disposable Potty - 5 Pack" is collapsible, portable, light weight and biodegradable - so it is really great for the environment. The Disposable Potty - 5 Pack is made of 100 percent cardboard and is watertight, as well as very eco-friendly!

Take it along with you for all your Long car rides, family vacations, Camping and more!

You never have to panic when your little ones have emergencies while you are not home. The neat thing is there will be no interruptions with the potty trainings