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Pkg of  3 Bamboo Diabetic  Long Over Calf Socks
Item# 054-DiabeticOverCalfSocks
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Product Description

Diabetic Socks Made of Viscose from Bamboo

DESIGNED FOR: The specific needs of the diabetic with following features:

•Non-binding Morpul Top
•Moisture wicking to keep feet dry
•Arch Support for: Better Fit, Support, Fights Fatigue.
•Anitistatic Helps Prevent Blisters.
•Moisture Wicking Keeps Feet Dry.
•Helps control odor.

Medium Sock Size 9-11 fits women's shoe size 4 - 10.5 or men's shoe size 3 - 9
Large Sock Size 10-13 fits women's shoe size 10.5 - 13 or men's shoe size 9 -12

Prices are for package of three pairs socks