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Package of 10 Compressed TowelsWith Bamboo Viscose
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Product Description

Package of 10 Compressed TowelsWith Bamboo Viscose
With a little water this compressed 100% bamboo viscose fiber disc will expand into a 14 x 20 inch disposable towel just like magic.

This is definitely the environmentally kind substitute for paper towels.

We found the towels can be used for so many things, we cannot list them all.

Here are some examples. Dry your dishes, clean glasses and stainless steel surfaces. Remove fingerprints from anything. Wash you car. Dust your computer (use wet or dry).

They are so soft, you can use them to bath yourself and your little ones. Wash your face. Remove makeup.

They are so absorbent; you can use them to mop up spills. Clean your dog. Wipe the kitchen counter.

You can use it for cleaning, wiping, dusting, washing, and sopping up! Rinse it out and hang dry.

Use it again and again. When it wears out you can throw it away or even compost it! It is biodegradable.

They are antibacterial, resists mold and mildew.

We think they are essential in a first aid kit. Excellent for camping and hiking. Unbeatable for traveling.

Here are more practical suggestions: Use as a cooling neckerchief. Clean your golf clubs. Take it to the tennis court. Travel with it.

We are sure you will think of other ways of using these wonderful towelletes. These towels are reusable and washable.

Think of all the paper towels you will be saving. All environmental conscious families need to have and use this and work this into your daily routines.