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Clean and Green Public Potty Protectors-10 Pc
Item# 020-334CG

Product Description

Clean and Green Public Potty Protectors-10 Pc
Manufacturer: Classy Kid

This incredible 10 in a package disposal Clean and green public potty protector are not only functional but also green and biodegradable to protect our environment.

This is one of the essentials to take along for all trips and errands with your little ones. This is useful for the adults too. Comes with a resealable travel pouch for added convenience.

The soft feel and generous size makes it convenient for children of all ages to have a germ barrier large enough for hands and bottoms.

XL size drapes over the front and sides where kids hold on
Soft paper-towel-like feel for toddler's bottom
Coated fabric with adhesive strips to hold it in place
White color covers, come in a re-sealable travel bag
Each potty topper comes individually folded
Peggable clear bag 6"w x 9"h

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