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Clean And Green Disposable Biodegradable Placemats by Classy Kid
Item# 020-306CB-10

Product Description

Clean And Green Disposable Biodegradable Placemats by Classy Kid
Manufacturer: Classy Kid

This incredible 10 in a package disposal Clean and green placemats are green and biodegradable.

This is one of the essentials to bring out to eat out with your little ones.

It not only protect your little ones from getting germs but also keep them thoroughly entertained with the coloring activities. The crayons are triangular in shape to prevent crayons from rolling off the table.

This placemats are as green as they are going to get. These Clean & Green Placemats are made with 80% calcium carbonate.

They are sealed in 20% degradable, FDA-approved resin. This advanced material reduces petrochemical use and waste while using no trees or bleach in its production.

Easily secured to table by the stickers to wrap down and around table edge.

Acts like waterproof paper for coloring on. When you are done dispose them with the grems because they are biodegradable.

This is a must have product for all the environmental conscious parents.

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