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Towel Set with 100% Bamboo Viscose  - Special Purchase
Item# 005-Bamboo3PcSet

Product Description

Towel Set with 100% Bamboo Viscose  - Special Purchase
The incredible 100% bamboo viscose towels will give you the softness and silkiness comparable to cashmere yet with 4 times more absorbency than cotton.

This is 3-piece towel set has a 350 gsm-- one Bath towel( 28"x55"), one hand towel (14"x35") and one wash cloth (10"x10"). Perfect towel set to experience the most soft and comfort bath. This towel set is a value towel set with excellent quality. Only comes in IVORY color

Unlike cotton towels, the more these towels are used, the softer they get.

Another point is worthy of mentioning, bamboo viscose fabric doesn't allow bacteria to grow on it so these towels will stay fresh longer and they get softer with every washing.

Bamboo viscose fabric has soil releasing properties so no bleach is necessary.

We guaranteed that you will love them and they will love your body.

These towels actually dry your body instead of moving the water around! Sold in 3-piece sets only. Separate towels are also available.

Pamper yourself and your little ones in this luxury, not only it soothes your body and soul but you are also doing good for the environment. This set has the prefect weight to be used for your little ones.

Care instructions: no fabric softener, please! You don't need it. Wash and dry these towels like any other.