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Bath Towels From Daisy House (Formerly Weathered Stone)With Bamboo Viscose
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Bath Towels From Daisy House (Formerly Weathered Stone)With Bamboo Viscose
BATH COLLECTION from Daisy House (Formerly WeatherStone)

These luxurious bamboo viscose bath towels, hand towels and wash towels sets are exceptional and are made in the finest Turkish towel tradition. They are voted the “Best Overall Towel� by the Wall Street Journal’s Catalog Critic.

They are made from pure natural fiber. All the colors are spectacular and elegant. They are elegant and super ultra and luxuriously soft. Additionally, these towels have unique properties such as the antibacterial qualities characteristic of bamboo fibers.

This collection has exceptional specifications with weight of 700 grams per square meter and loops comprised of 60% bamboo and 40% combed cotton. It comes with a quality that lasts and feels even better after each launder.

The pile of the towel is made up of 60% viscose from bamboo and 40% cotton. They are available in sixteen great colors to go with your decor; White, Ivory, "Soft Yellow", Butter, "Lt. Blue", "Lt. Pink", "Lt. Coral", "Lt. Green", "Lt Chocolate", Kiwi, Ocean, Khaki, Bordeaux, Colbalt, "Dk Chocolate" -- Wonderful towels that keep getting better.

Order matching hand towels and wash towels below.

Loops - 60% Viscose from Bamboo, 40% Cotton
Overall - 53% Cotton, 47% Viscose from Bamboo

Dimensions: Cost
Wash Cloth: 13" X 13" $10.50
Hand Towels 20" X 30" $20.50
Bath Towels: 30" X 56" $32.50
Bath Sheets: 39" X 70" $67.95

We give you the option to order in any combination according to your individual need. Check out our color coordinated dyed to match Stripe Daisy House towels


Matching Bamboo Wash Cloth Towels  From Daisy House (Formerly Weathered stone)
Daisy House (Formerly Weathered Stone) Bamboo Wash Cloth towels.
Bamboo Hand Towels
Matching Bamboo Hand Towels from Daisy House (Formerly Weathered Stone)