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2-Tone Bamboo Fiber Performance Socks - 3/4 Crew
Item# 03-BambooCrew-ET-PS

Product Description

This pair of 3/4 crew bamboo fiber performance sock, has an added arch support weave as well as a new heel cup weave to help in maintaining the socks alignment with the contours of the foot.

The basic fabric of the sock is still the time tested half-cushion design, giving a moderate pad for the sole of the foot while the flat weave on top of the sock allows for increased ventilation.

In an attempt to add a little style we have given the sock a grey-natural color scheme and added a woven "Spun Bamboo" to the collar.

95% viscose from Organic Bamboo/5% nylon

We encourage you to give these exceptional socks a try.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold and tumble dry. No fabric softener.