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Scoop Neck Women's T-Shirt  with Bamboo Viscose
Item# 003-ET-W100S

Product Description

Scoop Neck Women's T-Shirt  with Bamboo Viscose
It you do not have bamboo viscose clothes in your wardrobe, get one now. This is a must have for your wardrobe. This shirt has MID-HIP length, great for yoga!!

Classy, tranquil bamboo tees! What every woman needs in her closet: a high quality, versatile bamboo blouse, to wear alone, or under cardigans and business suits.

Our 100% short sleeve bamboo top will give you the comfort and the confidence to know that you are the best dressed person in the room.

Available in Powder Blue,Black, Natural, Lavender and Pink. 100% Viscose from Organic Bamboo.

It's SOFT, softer than your softest cotton shirt. It is light, airy, wicking.

It comes in a delicious menu of colors! We have sizes from Small to XL.

Made from the fastest growing plant on earth. You're going to love this shirt. Really.

By wearing this, you are looking good, feeling good and contributing to the environment!!!

Please note Colors shown are approximations, because of variations in the way monitors show color swatches may not match actual garment colors.

CARE Instructions: Launder in cool water, tumble dry low heat. Remove promptly from dryer to minimize wrinkling. NO BLEACH (Non-chlorine stain removers are ok); NO FABRIC SOFTNER. The more you wash bamboo viscose fabric, the softer it gets. Touch-up ironing is ok if needed.