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Bamboo Beanies
Item# 016-A302-A9907

Product Description

Bamboo Beanies
Manufacturer: Bamboosa

This bamboo beanie is a two layered soft, stretchable knitted cap.

It is super soft and keeps your head warmly protected!

Cap shell is 65% Recycled Cotton, and 35% polyester.

Cap liner is a blend of 95% Viscose from Organic Bamboo and 5% Lycra for extra softness against your head.

Liner trims bottom of beanie and can be rolled up. Try out a bamboo beanie - and you'll be hooked!

Sized at 10 x 11.

Great for running, skiing and all your cold weather fun!

Care Instructions:

Machine wash, mild soap, cold or warm water and tumble dry.

All Bamboosa fabric is free of chlorine and formaldehyde.

American Made in S.C. and sweatshop-free.