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 Sleep Slips with Bamboo Viscose Jersey
Item# 016-W701-W703
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Product Description

 Sleep Slips with Bamboo Viscose Jersey
Manufacturer: Bamboosa

This sleep slip is a very versatile -- made from 100% bamboo viscose jersey.

You can use it as a "little dress". It is an A-line slip dress with a flirty mid thigh hem.

You can layer them, wear them over jeans, tie a scarf around the hipline.

They are extremely comfy to sleep in or take it along with you to the beach and wear it as a cover up.

Our bamboo fabric is free of chlorine and formaldehyde. This is made in the USA

Care Instructions: Machine wash, mild soap, cold or warm water and tumble dry. No fabric softener.

Please refer to this Size chart link for sizes and click on color icon for a larger color reference palate. The color representations are only approximate.