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Babies Go Bon Jovi CD
Item# 007-BG1363
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Product Description

Manufacturer: Babies Go

This Babies Go! Bon Jovi CD CD album contains the familiar melodies of the classic popular hit songs we as adults love. The songs are reinterinterpreted therefore they all sound very soothing just perfect for your little ones. There is no better way to introduce babies to years of world popular songs! With these songs, parents are able share their years of enjoyable experience with their little ones. The soothing music is perfect to rock baby to sleep as newborn. As baby gets a little older, play the CDs in the background during playtime and nap time. Surround your precious little ones with soothing and calming environment by playing these wonderful music recomposed just for them.

These CDs also make wonderful gifts for births, showers, birthdays, holidaysÖ in fact it is a wonderful present for all occasions or no occasion.

Tracks Included:
  1. Always
  2. Never Say goodbye
  3. Living on a prayer
  4. Born to be my baby
  5. You give love a bad name
  6. (you want to) make a memory
  7. Bells of Freedom
  8. Iíll be there for you
  9. This aint a love song
  10. Someday Iíll be Saturday night
  11. Wildflower
  12. Blaze of Glory
  13. Its my life
  14. Bed of roses

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