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Baby Wash Cloths with Banboo viscose
Item# 016-B404-1

Product Description

How can something so soft be made from totally sustainable resources? You found the perfect washcloths.

After you start to use these wash cloths you will have them in all the strategic places -- nusery, diaper bags, dining rooms, cars.

It is free of chemicals, super soft and incredibly absorbent. It comes in package of five in same color and size(8x8).

The organically grown bamboo viscose fabric is free of chlorine and formaldehyde and made in the USA.

Made from 80% Organic bamboo Viscose and 20% recycled polyester (rPET) - recycled soda bottles. All The bottles are sorted, shredded, then melted and spun into fiber. The EPA and the FDA has tested recycled PET bottle material for any harmful effects with the conclusion that rPET is of "suitable purity for food-contact use". Recycling organizations and manufacturers have embraced this technology as a positive use of recycled material and alternative to landfill disposal.

Care for your little ones with the best soft washcloths and contribute to our environment.

Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry - cold or warm water -- do not use fabric softener.