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Basic Baby Carrier by Baby Milano - Gray
Item# 002-BM0882
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Product Description

This Basic Baby Carrier by Baby Milano Baby Infant Carrier is a brand new design.

It has great value and has all the features you are looking for in a baby carrier and more.

The baby sling is customizable enabling you to adjust and adapt to the carriage you are most comfortable with.

You have the option to carry your baby facing either forward or backward.

The Innovative and versatile soft baby carrier features even weight distribution for ease of use by caregivers of most ages, as well as fitness levels.

Its enveloping head support gives the newborn extra protection and allows discreet breast feeding.

Has a two, intersecting, adjustable shoulder straps to allow for maximum comfort, and it is lined with a 3D mesh fabric optimizing coziness for all seasons!

Check out the great features below

* It adapts itself to your needs and movements
* Two carrying positions (facing forward or backward)
* Even Weight distribution for maximum comfort
* Adjustable shoulder straps
* Reinforced head support and height adjustable back for the baby
* Baby sling contains a spare bib
* It is lined with a 3D mesh fabric
* Can be used from birth up to 8 months or approximately 20 lbs.
* Comes in three colors (red, blue or gray)

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with cold water; do not put in dryer; do not iron