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Bamboo Adult Crew Socks
Item# 016-A103
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Product Description

Bamboo Adult Crew Socks
Manufacturer: Bamboosa

Unisex adult bamboo Socks made from 85% Viscose from Organic Bamboo/15% Lycra Sandwich Terry.

Super soft breathing fabric, pamper yourself with these socks for working out, running or just to keep your feet warm.

It comes with all the excellent natural characteristics of bamboo. You will be wearing socks that wicks away moisture and keeps you feet warm and dry.

Just imageine your feet will not feel sticky and sweaty any more!!

The thermal regulating properties keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties keep your feet odor free.

Everything you are looking for in an ideal pair of socks.

Made from bamboo fabric free of chlorine and formaldehyde. Made in the USA.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold and tumble dry. No fabric softener.