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Alkaline Water - Ion Health Pro from Air Water Life

 Alkaline Water - Ion Health Pro from Air Water Life
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Alkaline Ionized Water is Up to 6x More Hydrating Have you ever drank water that seemed “heavy” and just sat in your stomach?

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Ionized water has a lower surface tension than ordinary bottled or tap water. The ionization process creates smaller water molecules… making it easier for your body to absorb! Lower surface tensions allows for the water to more easily pass in-and-out of your bodies billions of cell membranes. Due to the lower surface tension, and micro-clustering, ionized water it can be up to 6x more hydrating than regular bottled or tap water.

You will be able to immediately tell the difference between ionized water, and regular bottled or tap water by the taste and texture. Many describe ionized water as having a superior, silky-smooth mouth feel.

High in -ORP and Age Fighting Antioxidants The health benefits of maintaining a diet rich in anti-oxidants is very reassuring:

• Increased energy
• Reduction in High Blood Pressure
• Improved Digestion and Reduces Acid Reflux
• Relief from Arthritic Conditions
• Help in Controlling Diabetes
• Improved Sleep
• Protects Healthy Cells from Free Radical Damage
• Better Memory, Increased Concentration

Ionized water is alkaline, plus it also has a high negative ORP (oxygen reduction potential). In fact, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe can create an ionized water solution with a negative 840 - ORP which is very significant. This means you can use your water ionizer to transform your water into an anti-oxidant rich solution capable of defending your body from free radicals.

Aids in Detoxification While the healing benefits of certain types of water is not yet fully understood, your body when properly hydrated has the ability to heal it’s self of many ailments.

Your bodies ability to heal it’s self is far greater than anyone has lead you to believe. When you aid in your bodies elimination of toxins you clear the way for healing to occur. With the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe™ series of water ionizers, you can make your own detox water beverages which taste amazing and are healthy too!

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