Featured Environomental Conscious Products

Here at MomKidsBiz we have unique and practical eco-friendly, organic cotton, 100% merino wool products and health improvement and detox products. Right now the whole planet is going through unprecedented times. We think keeping our body healthy at the cellular level is high on the priority. We are dedicated to introduce products lines that would promote detoxification repair and restore our body on the cellular level


Alkaline ionized water system.

We carry organic cotton and merino wool bedding, bamboo viscose towels, socks, underwear, bamboo viscose bedding and bath products including sheets, bamboo viscose kitchen towels We have bamboo viscose fabric, hemp derived fabric and organic cotton clothing for men, women, toddlers and babies.

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Organic Cotton and 100% wool filled bedding products from Sleep And Beyond

Organic Bamboo Viscose products

We have just added scarves for women to make an easy statement with your outfit.

Fashion Scarves