Mens New Sedoan 75/25 Denim Hemp  organic Cotton Jean
Item# 051-FPJ-801

Product Description

Manufacturer: Dash Hemp

New! Slimmer Sedona 15 oz 75/25 Hemp Denim/organic Cotton Five Pocket Jean.

Our best hemp jean yet. Paradoxically, they feel on the cool side

when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

(The hemp fiber is hollow giving it thermal qualities.) We've been testing these in hot and cold weather for many weeks...remarkable comfort!

  • - Heavy weight 14 oz. Hemp denim.
  • -100% Hemp Denim
  • - Boot Cut. Slimmer than our other hemp jean.
  • - Wears cool when it's ht, warm when it's cold.
  • - Deep pockets
  • - No fancy back pocket stitching
  • - Hemp Rocks Button