Featured Environomental Conscious Products

As of April 30 2016 orders will not be ready for delivery till after May 24, 2016 due to family emergency. We thank you for your patience.

Here at MomKidsBiz we have unique and practical eco-friendly products and we offer Gold Saving Club membership:


We have just added scarves for women to make an easy statement with your outfit.

Organic Bamboo Viscose products

We have organic bamboo viscose fabric, hemp derived fabric and organic cotton clothing for men, women, toddlers and babies. We carry organic cotton and merino wool bedding, bamboo viscose towels, socks, underwear, bamboo viscose bedding and bath products including sheets, bamboo viscose kitchen towels

Personalized and reusable bags

We have many reusable bags, totes and market baskets to help say "No" to disposable bags.

We also have unique personalized gifts. including
Personalized backpacks. for women on the go and toddlers.

Check out Our Gold Saving Club To Insure Your Money One gram at a time!!


Eco Engineered Auto Products Eco-Engineered Xtreme green automotive products increasing productivity, lowering energy and fuel consumption, preventing costly downtime and lowering maintenance. We also have a fund raising program.

Protandim - Lifevantage Anti-Aging Products

Anti Aging Skin Care Products with minerals from the Dead Sea.
Alkaline ionized water system.

We think the time has come that we should start being more environmental conscious and do our share by using the exciting sustainable resources such as our eco-engineered automotive products, bamboo, organic cotton and hemp that are now available to us to contribute towards a better world for generations to come. Check out our featured organic and healthy living products

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